Aibo support in Webots

1 Overview

Webots includes support for the Aibo robots, including the ERS-210 and ERS-7 models. This support is however not currently actively developed as Sony decided to discontinue these robots. However, the Aibo software we developed, the models and sample source codes are released under the LGPL open source license so that anyone can continue to make this project evolve. It includes the following:
  1. Models the Aibo robots with physics, sensor and actuator simulation (included in the latest version of Webots - LGPL).
  2. A robot window specific to Aibo with GUI controls for the devices of the robots (included within the latest version of Webots - proprietary, Cyberbotics, maintained)
  3. A remote control server software called RCServer running on Aibo so that a Webots controller can remote control a real Aibo through WiFi. The RCServer also includes the cross-compilation capability (based on the OPEN-R SDK), so that you can cross-compile your Webots controller and upload them onto the real robot (LGPL).
  4. A URBI programming interface (proprietary,, maintained)

2 Current status (as of October 2nd 2008)

The Aibo support has been discountinued in Webots 6, but new improved packages are still being developed and used by Webots 5 users:
DescriptionAuthorsSource codeDocumentation
New version of the cross-compilation system for Aibo, including camera image support Jorge Grande, Ricardo Tellez, Teresa Escrig Controller.rar Informe_ICC_2008-05-02.pdf

2.1 Models

Main view with an ERS-7 model
Currently, the models include the ERS-210 and the ERS-7 with mass distribution and friction parameters. Each model supports the simulation of the following devices:

View from the robot's camera

2.2 Robot window

Configuration pannel for the ERS-7

Controls panel for the ERS-7

These robot windows and remote control interface are included in the latest release of Webots available from

2.3 RCServer

After connecting to the real robot through the robot window, the real robot becomes remote controller. All features described in the robot window section are implemented. This is handled on the real robot by the RCServer program. The RCServer was originally developed by Lukas Hohl, then modified by Olivier Michel, Ricardo Tellez (ERS-7 support) and Raphael Haberer-Proust (Camera support).


When clicking on the cross-compile button, the current robot controller gets cross-compiled and uploaded onto the real robot. One can reboot to start the execution of the program on the robot. This cross-compilation system relies on the RCServer source code. It was originally developed by Lukas Hohl.

MTN support

The MTN support works in simulation and on the real robot in remote-control and cross-compilation modes. However, it has currently the following problems:
  1. turtle slow in remote control mode.
  2. needs optimization in simulation mode (works ok for one robot, but becomes very slow for 6 robots)
You can download the source and binary code here: (download the webots-openr package)

2.4 URBI

URBI for Webots can be downloaded from
It allows you to program your simulated and real Aibos using the powerful URBI scripting language.